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01. About our laboratory

The laboratory's office is located in the Technology Park in Gdansk

The Park is a place where science, technology and business meet. We are a hub for knowledge-based entrepreneurship. Together with entrepreneurs, scientists and local governments, we create a business-friendly ecosystem. We combine science with business, stimulate innovative entrepreneurship, support startups, companies based on a unique idea.

Welcome to website monitoringkit.com

02. Developers team

Talented team of professionals

Laboratory is a small but talented team of professionals with diverse passions and skillsets. What we do share is a commitment to producing the best work possible – for our clients, for their customers, for ourselves.

Vladyslav Dryga


Evgen Efimovsky

Creative Director

Oleksandr Zhorniak

Senior software development

Andri Kulyk


Vladislav Ishchuk

Junior Developer

Alina Sarazin


Welcome to website monitoringkit.com

03. Studio latest projects

The project of monitoring of public resources

Whether we’re designing a website, developing a self-service portal, we never lose sight of the user.

This simple human approach influences every decision we make, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that people will actually use. As a digital agency with more than 10 years in business, we understand the importance of staying up to date on best practices in the fields of design and development for web.